Making Our Home Windows Beautiful Inside and out

My wife and I spent hours and hours at each of the major home centers. We spent all of our time in the window covering sections of each store. We looked at all kinds of options for blinds, curtains and more to cover the inside of our windows for privacy and light control. We even went to a couple of specialty shops that only deal with window coverings for homes and businesses. We even considered commercial window coverings. We finally found Orange County Shutters and their custom made plantation shutters. We were sold immediately.

We saw some knockoff styles of shutters at other places, but these ones were just incredible. They are made for any style or shape of window. They even have ones for windows that are arched or even triangular. We just have standard windows in our home. No odd shapes. However, in the living room and foyer the windows are very large. The window in the foyer is almost eight feet high. We got plantation shutters for every window in our house. We even got them for the dormers up in the attic space that we are going to renovate into a space for the kids to play. Up there we replaced the double-hung windows with windows that cannot be opened or broken. You could slam a baseball bat against them and they will not break. It is a safety feature since the windows are close to the floor area where the kids will play.

Our new plantation shutters really enhance the look of our windows both on the inside and the outside of our home. I really like how our house looks from the street now. It is so much better than just seeing the plain backs of curtains that used to cover those windows. This was an investment into our home because these shutters become part of the architecture of the home.

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