Pepper Spray ? Protect Yourself And Your Family


If approached by a drug-abused attacker, would you know what to do? Don?t risk you or your family?s safety. Save yourself hundreds of dollars in self-defence classes, and consider always having pepper spray in you purse or bag.

Pepper spray, used by law enforcement officials throughout the world, has long been used as an effective deterrent against all would-be criminals. Once hit by a shot of pepper spray, your would-be attacker will think twice about trying to approach you again. Quite simply, pepper spray is one of the most effective self-defence products on the market today.

There is an important difference between tear gas and pepper spray. There are three major chemicals used in different types of defensive sprays. The first two are known as CS and CN ? more commonly known to the public as tear gas. These man-made chemicals are designed to irritate the membrane ? which include the eyes, nose, throat, and lung tissues. When received in large quantities these chemicals cause the heavy flow of tears and can produce mucus.

However, pepper spray works in a different way. Firstly, the reaction to pepper spray is completely involuntary ? and is not dependent on pain response. As a result, pepper spray is most effective on those who do not feel pain, such as psychotics, drug abusers, and drunks. Pepper spray is also and effective way to control wild animals ? whereas in any of these situations, tear gas is not effective.

There are several other differences between pepper spray and tear gas. Tear gas vaporizes to some extent. Whereas pepper spray does not emit fumes and it will not deteriorate with age. However, unlike tear gas, pepper spray must be sprayed into the eyes or inhaled directly to be effective. Also, pepper spray works faster than tear gas to subdue a victim.

There are many different benefits to using pepper spray as a self-defence tool. Firstly, pepper spray is a non-lethal and extremely effective self-defence tool when sprayed in the facial area or eyes. It can put a safe distance between you and an attacker and gives you plenty of time to escape and seek help. Also, pepper spray is one of the most economical ways of protecting yourself and is not typically restricted by law. Due to the non-lethal nature of pepper spray, a permit is not usually required to carry it.

There are several different ways to measure the effectiveness of your pepper spray, which you should keep in mind when you plan to buy pepper spray. Pepper spray is rated in two separate ways: the OC% and SHU rating. The percentage sign you see on the side of the package (15%, 20% etc.) explains the ?hotness? of the pepper spray relative to the rest of the ingredients. Also, if you look at the ingredients, the more capsaicin content the OC has, the hotter and more effective the spray will be. Check also to see the expiration date on the side of the canister to see how old it is ? the older the can the less effective the spray.

Because pepper spray is economical, effective, and used by people all around the world as a tool of self-defence, it is important to consider purchasing it when considering a tool designed to protect you and your family. Just think, when approached by an attacker, will you be ready?


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