Using Non-lethal Weapons Responsibly


Non-lethal weapons, such as stun guns and air tasers, may not require a special license, but that does not mean that their handling should be taken lightly. No matter the type of weapon, there is some personal responsibility involved with using it. Too often, people are under the false assumption that such devices can be treated like a toy, rather than the weapon that they truly are.

The Great Gun Debate

There has been much controversy regarding the ability of American citizens to own guns and the argument has escalated in recent years.

On one side of the coin are the people who claim that weapons cause death, whether intended or not. They claim that gun owners are largely an irresponsible bunch who do not use common sense or caution with their weapons.

On the other side are those Americans who exert their right to bear arms as stated in the Constitution. They would not consider being unarmed because they feel the world is too dangerous a place for their safety to be left in the hands of others. In the words of the NRA, ?guns don?t kill people, people kill people?.

There is rarely a middle ground in between these two factions. However, there just might be a weapon that makes them both feel safe and secure.

Non-Lethal Weapons: The Gun of Choice

Nearly anyone can feel safer and more secure if they own a non-lethal weapon such as a stun gun or an air taser. The beauty of these weapons is that they are easy to use, easy to handle, and do not require special permits (in most states, always check your local laws).

However, any owner of a non-lethal weapon must also realize that they have a personal responsibility to use it safely and with some discretion.

Stun guns are effective because they have the ability to incapacitate a person. They affect the neuro-muscular system of a human body. This means they do have some effect, and although it will not cause death, neither will the attacker be able to move for up to 15 minutes. This is interfering with a person?s mobility and should never be considered in instances when there is no real danger involved.

Taking Responsibility

One way to take the appropriate amount of responsibility is to ensure that you, as the owner of a non-lethal weapon, receive proper and detailed instruction on its use. While it is always a good idea to thoroughly review the owner?s manual, you may want to take this a step further and participate in an accredited class.

Another way to be responsible with a stun gun is to treat them like any other weapon. Keep them out of the reach of children and safely stored when not in use. Ensure that anyone who does have access is properly trained in safe handling.

No matter which side of the gun debate you agree with, surely you can agree that owning a non-lethal weapon is a prudent course of action in order to ensure you, and your family?s, safety and security. As long as the owner of a stun gun is responsible, there will be no negative results.


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